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Re: Amplifiers for looping

> From: SoundFNR@aol.com

> Part One
>   What makes a good amplification setup for loops in a 
> live context ? (any recomendations?)
> Guitar amp for  sound character.
> Or a PA type system to accurately  produce
> a multi-layered effect.
> Stereo?

I'm using two EV-12L speakers in my stereo guitar rig and I love it.  I'd
highly recommend the speakers to anyone....very musical and "guitar"

Unless you own a good speaker emulation or prefer that "direct" tone -- go
with guitar cabinets.  Having said that, on occasion I do record my loops
direct to tape...it all depends on the end product desired. 
> Part Two 
>   How does the sound  'quality'  effect what 
> the player does with the loop?

"Sound quality" is so subjective.  Bottom line:  you've got to be able to
tolerate your tone/sound.  If you hate the way your rig sounds, you aren't
going to want to play.