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Re: Midi looping

In fact I use midi loops. The main reason is money. I still don't own one
these beauties wa talk about so often. So, the only way to have long loops
for me was
1) use my multitrack recorder to repaet muiscal (or not) phrases during as
long as I want and do that many times then mix it, and doeas look almost
like aloop (in fact not beacause you hear many subtle differences since
one does not paly exactly the same thing twice, but well...)

2) I use my old Cubase 2.0 running on a not less old Atari 1040st, mich
makes a midi delay you can programm as  you want with the little detail
that you can not have more than a full note as a delay length, but with a
tempo of 30 running, it mean almost 8 second of delay which still is for
me like heaven. The good thing is I can record the loop on midi, I can
change the sounds whnever I want. I can edit it like i add a audio loop on
a good direct to disk machine for 150 bucks. Well that is not true, you
have to add the price of the synth guitar I use with.