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Re: Midi looping

Y'know I never really heard the glitch so much until I went home after
reading your post and listened carefully. Now it's gonna bug the hell
out of me. Thanks a lot :). Some loops it's not so bad but yeah it can
be annoying.  Once layered with the multiple loops I get going on the
Nord synth I think it's barely noticable (or at least it used to be). I
geuss I might reconsider ways use the JamMan as the master. The problem
is I need clock before recording a loop and the JamMan won't do that.
But now I'm thinking I could record a blank loop to generate clock from
the JamMan and then use punch-in mode to record the now synced synth.
I'll have to try this tonite. BOB. 

MAT wrote:
> Robert S. Carter:
> >So I send that clock to both the JamMan and the synth and the two are
> >as one. Let's say I start an arpeggiated pattern on the synth (synced
> >to clock), I start recording a loop on the JamMan and what pops out is
> >a perfectly timed replicate of the pattern. I can then use that as a
> >backdrop for more syncronized synth patterns and noises.
> How do you manage the annoying noise (sounds like a small glitch) that
> appears next to the loop boundary when the JamMan is receiving MIDI
> clock?
> I tried to get rid of it with all kinds of tricks I could think of but
> did not succeed.
> Miguel