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RE: jon hassell....

Hola Michael-

Well it has been awhile but he seems to have picked up the pace. Doing 
*exceptional* work on the ry cooder score for the end of violence (one 
of the most thought provoking films I have seen), a track on kd lang's 
album, a live appearance of bluescreen mkII at a festival in europe, and 
some installation work....
hassell as eno has said is one of our greatest minds and i am glad he is 
serving more up...
for folks wanting to begin with some hassell try powerspot(eno! jean 
philippe rykiel!, michael brook!), city: works of fiction (truly magical 
unknown music), or for loopage unlike you have ever heard- aka darbari 
java (amazing this was made in 1983!)...
his 4th world work with eno seems nigh impossible to get....



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