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Re: jon hassell....

> >thought i would forward on a post i sent to the ambient list on friday 
> >about one of the most influential and innovative loopers- jon 
> Jon Hassell is no doubt one of the most innovative loopers (and he does
> *not* play guitar!) ... I love his music just as much as Eno's and 
> ... are there any news about him? The last of his projects was quite a
> while ago ... what's he doing nowadays?
> ___________
A few things have trickled out lately, including an Italian import CD
whose name escapes me, and an EP with 808 State. 

Hassell has put on two of the most magical shows I've ever seen -- a 
Powerspot-era live set at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the mind
boggling show his band did with Eno at the World Financial Center in 

The latter took place in a glass-roofed arboreum looking out on the
Hudson river, where an Eno sound installation ran for several days,
filling the space with ambient and insect sounds from nearly 250 tiny 
speakers concealed in the walls and floor.  When it was time for
Hassell's performance his band's sound slowly rose out of the soundscape
into the foreground.  Eno himself was at the mixing desk, and treatments
of the various instruments would swell up from various places around the
room.  (On the first night I had a seat in the 2nd row, and was surprised
to hear a lot of sound coming from behind me.  On the second night I sat
in the middle of the room and just marveled as muted trumpet swells
would arise from the floor all around me.)  When it was over the band 
gently faded back into the ambience...

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