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RE: upgrading the Jamman

>If your machine does have a serial number prefix prior to 394 you will 
>need a
>>special "posidrive" screw driver in order to remove the posidrive screw 
>>were used in the earlier machines.
>The posidrive screwdrivers are made by Snap-on.  A No. 2
>Posidrive will work in removing the screws from older JAMMANs.  You
>should be able to find Snap-On products just about anywhere.

I've managed to find someone here with a Posidrive screwdriver.  Here's a
fact which may be of importance to anyone trying to update early Jammans-
Posidrive screws are what hold Macs together.  Find a friendly Mac
repairman (being an Electronics dept, we have a couple where I work), and
you have your driver.

>I am sorry but I do not have a posidrive screwdriver that I can
>lend you.

I was joking, Greg, really....   :)