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Hello everyone .  Top o the day to ya. Regarding switching loops with ccs :
How is this done? I thought the ccs were feedback, vol. I switch with note
ons did I miss something?
Also perhaps a question for KIm : Is it possible with current hardware on
plex to reset loops to startpoint when using nxtloop? This has always
seemed so logical& musical.If I have a number of loops in a piece I need
them to  start at the beginning when I switch rather than run continously.
I supose it would have its uses in a random sort of way but its not very
predictable. Maybe have a option to reset or run like in mute mode.BTW
thanks Kim for your ideas on the quantize function. I finally found a use
for this!Works excellent in V5.0.
Also little tid bit for those interesed : Long delay module(on sampling
board) in Eventide 4000 does not change pitch when adjusting delay range
only lenghth>effectively performing a real time  time compression looping
function. Very wild. Still working on that page Kim. I have much to report.

                          Cheers   K Law

>At 3:10 AM -0500 1/21/98, ENAT21213 wrote:
>>Thanks for the quick reply Kim.
>>      The echoplex sounds way more complex than my jamman.Im thinking of
>>investing in one?The only problem I have is this midi controller/echoplex
>>pedalboard access loop 1 thru 9 tap thing.
>>   What I do is midi merge two ada mc1 midi pedal controllers together 
>>gives me access to all 19 of jammans loop functions without having to 
>bank up
>>and down.The ada mc1 has 10 buttons on the face of one pedalboard.So 
>with the
>>press of a button I can get around with ease (essential for me,especially
>>live).I would love it if the echoplex would react in a similar way.
>The Echoplex (the technology we at Aurisis develop that runs the echoplex
>is called Loop, btw) can react that way, but I suspect that your current
>pedals either won't do it or won't do it in a satisfactory way. You might
>want to consider upgrading to a more capable pedal, or get the pedal
>designed for the echoplex. Again, I'm not familiar with the ADA pedal, but
>I believe it is a very simple one. You can't expect it to do 
>>I realize
>>the echoplex does not accept midi program changes messages.You mentioned 
>>this feature will be added in a future echoplex.Any idea when this 
>>will be avalible?
>What I meant is we may add program change support to Loop for the purposes
>of changing programs, which is the purpose of that midi command. So you
>would be able to change from one setup to another by sending a program
>change command, in the same way you change patches on a multi-effect or a
>synth with program change messages.
>Using program change messages for executing functions on the echoplex is
>problematic, for one thing because it would interfere with us using it for
>the intended purpose defined in the midi standard of changing programs.
>Another reason is that a midi program change message simply contains less
>information than note and continuous control messages. We use all of the
>information in the later types to make the midi interface more elegant and
>musically intuitive, while allowing you to control more things with fewer
>buttons. Changing the interface to work with program change messages makes
>it less intuitive and harder to use, and some functions won't be available
>at all. And that's opposed to our general design philosophy for Loop. All
>of our efforts are focused on designing an interface that is musically
>useful and intuitive. We wouldn't want to release something that gives
>anyone a lesser experience with Loop. We'll continue to investigate this
>possibility, but I'm not very positive about it. Being compatible with
>every ancient midi pedal is not a task I relish!
>As far as when any future versions of Loop might be available, we don't
>discuss that. Since we just released a major version a few months ago, you
>might imagine that it won't be very soon, but we are always working on new
>>Sounds like the midi note or continuous controller message for changing
>>loops in echoplex may work for me?Not shure though,is anyone out there
>>using a
>>similar set up to mine with the echoplex?If so mabey you can let me know 
>>this midi note/continouous controler thing works with your midi pedal.I
>>need to be able to jump from one function to the next with minimal 
>I have a digitech PMC-10 pedal set up to do this, and it works very well. 
>got the pedal for $100.
>>     Any Oberheim dealers in my area?I live in Myrtle Beach S.C. 
>,anywhere in
>>S.C.,N.C. or GA. would work.I would love to try one out.I'd probably
>>order one
>>right now if I knew I could access most functions(especially loops 1 
>thru 9)
>>with the press of one button.
>You have to ask Oberheim about that.....
>>Thanks for your help and patience,
>>Brian McKenzie
>>In a message dated 98-01-20 06:39:06 EST, you write:
>><< And last is switching with midi. Unlike the JamMan, the echoplex is 
>> like a sampler in this respect. It uses Midi Notes or Continuous 
>> messages for changing loops. If you have the velocity parameter turned 
>> the Echoplex will use the velocity info in the note on message (or the
>> value of the controller) to set the volume of the loop you switch to. 
>> jump directly to the loop you want by pressing it's associated
>> Note/controller number. (you can set which notes/controllers it uses for
>> the loops.) >>
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