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Re: re: listening and reading

Hmmmmm, Lots of lists out there lately. Here's mine...

READING (during the past year--I read slow)

The Annie Dillard Reader--Annie Dillard (all-time favorite author)
Tickets for a Prayer Wheel--Annie Dillard (poetry)
Protector--Larry Niven (typical SF)
God Came Near--Max Lucado (religious)
Einsteins Bridge--John Cramer (really bad SF, but fun)
Contact--Carl Sagan (really good SF and much better than the movie)
The Book of Guys--Garrison Keillor (silly short stories)
The Living--Annie Dillard (a terminally poignant historical novel)
Holy the Firm--Annie Dillard (short works of prose that read like poetry)
The Devine Comedy--Dante Alighieri (current bedtime reading)
Teaching a Stone to Talk--Annie Dillard  (currently reading)

Recordings (this past week)

Nordic Quartet--Surman/Krog/Rypdal/Storaas
In a Silent Way--Miles Davis
By the Dawn's Early Light--Harold Budd
Just So Happens--Gary Peacock & Bill Frisell
Cho--Choying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts
Screaming Headless Torsos--Screaming Headless Torsos
The Mistakes--H.Kaiser/M.Keneally/A.West/Prairie Prince
Albino Alligator--Michael Brook
After the Rain--McLaughlin/Jones/DeFrancesco
The Shutov Assembly--Brian Eno
Forever Sharp and Vivid--Massey/Castiglione/Torn (just got it from Tower)