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Re: books into music


Well that's what it comes down to, doesn't it? 
For the most part I'm just happy to be able to have the time , energy, 
discipline to read so I usually go for stuff that will influence me or 
tie into work I am already doing or working on.
Por exemplo, I am going to be doing a series of workshops, music 
generation, and an installation in Kansas next year, so I have been 
working on Alan Lomax's Folk Song Style and Culture to help me find an 
appropriate voice for the spirit of the place.

As an aside, my girlfriend who is a doctoral candidate in Byzantine 
history is interested to see that so many folk on the list are 
interested in things Byzantine.



>       Howdy Y'All,
>       So I think people are reading some interesting stuff . . . 
>researched some for future reading)
>       My question is this: Does it/How does it effect what you do
>       For instance, a lot of my music writing is influenced by
>literature/poetry or painting. I just went through a mental countdown 
and 21
>of the 33 tunes across three CDs are in these two categories, eight 
were in
>reaction to music/concepts by other players/composers, four are based 
>"real life experiences."
>       I tend to either be inspired by the feel of, or am intrigued by a
>phrase or an idea from, a certain work. For instance, currently just
>finished a piece based on my memories of the "feeling" of three novels 
>Henry Miller. More in the works based on work by other authors and some 
>film makers and painters . . . 
>       stig
>       (PS: Book last read four-volume set of "A Thousand Nights and One
>Nights" ["The Arabian Nights"]; current reading "London Bridge"
>Louis-Ferdinand Celine; next up "A Short History of Byzantium," 
>Tales of Nikolai Gogol," "History of the Arab People.")

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