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Re: books into music


---"Liebig, Steuart A." <LiebigSA@Maritz.com> wrote:
>       Howdy Y'All,
>       So I think people are reading some interesting
stuff . . . (actually
> researched some for future reading)
>       My question is this: Does it/How does it effect
what you do
> musically?

Everything you do in life should affect your playing.
What I read becomes part of who I am (so to speak)
which then gets reguritated musically. In fact, I
would say that to only react musically to notes and
rhythms and whatnot will sooner-or-later dry you out

Why are lyrics in songs? Why name a song "Requiem for
the Victims of Hiroshima" rather than "Serenade for
Strings"? Etc. etc. etc.

Music is a part of the continuity of existence, so
get out there and live! Manuel Barreco said "One
cannot be a musician without drinking from the
fountain of Culture." (paraphrase)

Personally, I read esoteric occult books, Chinese
alchemy and comic books!

Latest on the stack: Holy Books of Thelema by
Aleister Crowley and 300 by Frank Miller.


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