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Re: listening and reading

Been listening to:
The entire discography of Marillion  (mostly with Fish),
Passion Sources (various Artists)
Ozric Tentacles: Jurassic Shift, Strangeitude, Aborealis, and Curious Corn
Peter Gabriel:  Passion
Vangelis: Bladerunner
and finally
the Scottish Rogues: Hollerin' for Haggis!

Been reading: 
the MCSE Core books by Network Press
various poems and stories by E. A.  Poe
Silent Mobius by Asimiya Kia
Battle Angel Alita by Kishiro Yukito
the Hound and the Falcon by Judith Tarr

And as I write this missive, I am listening to a compilation disk of
begainning and ending tracks for various Japanese anime.

Have fun all!