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regarding Drerk Bailey

I know that fellow looper Andre' Cholmondeley was at the recording of the
"Sign of 4" recording at the Knitting Factory. In fact..listen to the end 
the third disc and you will hear Andre' yelling "DEREK BAILEY, DEREK
BAILEY!! Thank you Pat!".
By the way, the Improvisation programs are now on Video. Just do a look for
Mr. Bailey and Incus and you should find it.
Hope this brings with it a little happiness to those of us into Mr. Bailey.
Jeff Collins

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From: Rik Myers <zanga@mindspring.com>
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Date: Saturday, October 10, 1998 11:14 PM
Subject: Re: reading & listening of late.

>>Derek Baily......Aida...solo guitar improvs from the master...seems as if
>>need to hear some solo Derek every few days. Anyone ever seen him live??
>Yes, Derek is really something. I've seen him only once. He played a show
>in Eugene for me, my ex, and about a half dozen other folks. Some of them
>left before he was done. I, however, was DELIGHTED. If you haven't seen 
>his book, "Improvisation" is terrific. It accompanied a BBC programme that
>I never saw, but surely wish to!
>Hasta -> Dr Rico