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Someone who spoke to someone at Gibson, or even someone who works there,
can post what they like in an email message to this list, but it certainly
is not reassuring in light of the message excerpt below. I am extremely
reluctant to order an Echoplex from anyone at this point. IMHO, if they are
really interested in selling these things, Gibson/Oberheim needs to deal
with these issues.



Buck wrote:

>I understand it is a chicken and the egg kind of thing, its different, 
>its price point is high for something that is different, and with its 
>history folks just don't want to have them...
>Here however were my real issues. 
>1) they said that they had one in stock.
>2) i was going to start working with it over this long weekend for a 
>project in two weeks.
>3) now if I am lucky I may get it in 3.
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