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Re: Monkey Music


---future perfect <artmusic@gte.net> wrote:
> For me, it is easier to listen to free music if I
know the 'noise' being
> made isn't just a limitation of of the performers

Indeed! I often feel the same way. There IS a
difference between a *musician* and a *wanker*! ;-)
Of course, I've also seen my share of highly trained
wankers and untrained musicians, so...

> To me, 'free improv' is more than making 'monkey
music'. When skilled
> musicians get together and play freely, it
certainly may be easy to create
> 'noise', but for me the trick is to balance that
with what I know and like
> about harmony, melody and rhythm. Hopefully the end
result (musical noise?)
> will be based more on creativity and skill than
'look how avant and deep I
> can be-dig?'.

How I tend to approach a free-improv gig is to layer
in some classical piece (Gymnopaedie #1 by Satie, or
the Allamande from the 1st Lute Suite in Em by Bach,
etc) as a means of providing the audience some sort
of familiar base from which to proceed. This also
serves the purpose of establishing my musical
credentials, so to speak.

My latest ventures are to stretch out rhythm changes
from 32 bars to about 256 bars, with guitar, stick,
loops and percussion. Fun.

Rev. Doubt-Goat

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