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RE: Monkey Music

> How I tend to approach a free-improv gig is to layer
> in some classical piece (Gymnopaedie #1 by Satie, or
> the Allamande from the 1st Lute Suite in Em by Bach,
> etc) as a means of providing the audience some sort
> of familiar base from which to proceed. This also
> serves the purpose of establishing my musical
> credentials, so to speak.
> My latest ventures are to stretch out rhythm changes
> from 32 bars to about 256 bars, with guitar, stick,
> loops and percussion. Fun.
> 93
        Yeah . . . I've done the same with Bach 'Cello Suites in and out of
free stuff, maybe into some Charlie Parker stuff. Lots of opportunity for
interpolation between Bach's/Parker's melodic fragments, stretching their
"changes," etc. 

        In general I find that I sometimes appreciate (both from listener
and performer vantage points) places of coalescence in improvs. A little
place of repose or a recurring theme. I think that it is also important to
think in terms of juxtaposition of moods, or areas of tonality versus
non-tonality . . . Some of us on the LA scene seem to do this. 

        I think that this thread is very interesting, many good ideas to
chew on here!