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Re: some loop content

On 10/23/98 Jeff Duke said:
>Does anybody have any info on getting a Fernandes
>guitar? I have lists of dealers in the area but
>they don't have them in stock( ever). ..... ETC

Hey Jeff,

I'm going through the same thing. I did get to play one with a sustainer in
it at a store in Gaithesburg, MD. But the salesman said no way to brigning
in a few of the same model to try out, unless I wanted to pay return
shipping on those I did not buy. I've called a few places locally that are
listed as dealers to no avail. However the one store is probably going to
bring in one of the model I'm interested in with a sustainer, knowing that
they have a serious interest. You might try that approach.

BTW Steev said the Shockwave files are working again.


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