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Re: some loop content

>>Does anybody have any info on getting a Fernandes
>>guitar? I have lists of dealers in the area but
>>they don't have them in stock( ever). ..... ETC

I've heard a couple sustainers that were ripped out of Fernandez gits and
wired into a strat and a Fly. Neither player wanted the Fernandez, just the
sustainer. ONe bought his new, sight unseen, because he wasn't going to use
the git. The other found a used Fernandez and robbed it for the part. Maybe
with heavy lobbying Fernandez would consider selling the sustainer
separately. For the time being, it appears that their policy is to make
people by their (not horrible) gits in order to get the sustainer.

Anybody ever take one of these things apart? Know how it works? Could we
cobble one together?