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Re: some loop content sustaining

Hey I just got one used & am interesed in a mod (if possible)to get more
power out of transducer-pikup.Mines a HM type with a floyd (unknown to me
at the time)But it plays well the pickups themselves are crap(going to swap
out a Barden see how that sounds-very high output  ..but the sustainer is
cool.I understand it is quite a bitch to remove & install into another
gtr.Anyone have experience with this?  Thanks Keenan Lawler- Louisville Ky

>>>Does anybody have any info on getting a Fernandes
>>>guitar? I have lists of dealers in the area but
>>>they don't have them in stock( ever). ..... ETC
>I've heard a couple sustainers that were ripped out of Fernandez gits and
>wired into a strat and a Fly. Neither player wanted the Fernandez, just 
>sustainer. ONe bought his new, sight unseen, because he wasn't going to 
>the git. The other found a used Fernandez and robbed it for the part. 
>with heavy lobbying Fernandez would consider selling the sustainer
>separately. For the time being, it appears that their policy is to make
>people by their (not horrible) gits in order to get the sustainer.
>Anybody ever take one of these things apart? Know how it works? Could we
>cobble one together?