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Re: GR-30 and Guitar Craft Tuning

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"I know that Fripp is a proponent of using the thickest gauge strings one
can stand. Perhaps this is not only for reasons of improved tonality.

Just a thought - Jim"

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Maybe you can share the secrets of the Fripp tuning with us who happen to
be unenlighted punks?
After quite some experimentation with 7-, 8-stringers and low tunings
(since I always liked the sound of pitched playback-tapes, LOOPERS etc.) I
finally arrived at baritone instruments with a scale length almost as long
as a short scale bass which I play as sixstringers since it is a great
format. Even on those I use at least an 062 for the B note one fourth
beneath the standard low E. Everything else sounds crap to me. No offense
here, a guitar simply isn't built to handle pitches below D  w.o. causing
problems in tuning, timing etc.
Best, Andreas