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recording question

Howdy again...
        Do any of you use a Roland VX series hard disc recorder? I was 
in getting one, but was curious about some of the mixdown capabilities.
Here's the question--for anyone who can answer:

Let's say you've got 8 full tracks ready to mix down, and you've got the
VS-880 with the CD burning kit. Are you able to mix those 8 tracks directly
to the CD--or do you have to sub-mix down to two-track stereo somehow? I'm
just curious about how this gets accomplished, and if the CD burning kit is
useful . . . especially since I have a CD burner in my computer. I'd like
to think I'd be able to master my own CDs and then burn them up, y'know?

        Thanks in advance. I appreciate any help anyone can give!

Jeff McLeod
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