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Re: recording question

Jeff & Vonda McLeod wrote:
> Howdy again...
>         Do any of you use a Roland VX series hard disc recorder? I was 
> in getting one, but was curious about some of the mixdown capabilities.
> Here's the question--for anyone who can answer:
> Let's say you've got 8 full tracks ready to mix down, and you've got the
> VS-880 with the CD burning kit. Are you able to mix those 8 tracks 
> to the CD--or do you have to sub-mix down to two-track stereo somehow? 
> just curious about how this gets accomplished, and if the CD burning kit 
> useful . . . especially since I have a CD burner in my computer. I'd like
> to think I'd be able to master my own CDs and then burn them up, y'know?
>         Thanks in advance. I appreciate any help anyone can give!
> Jeff McLeod
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> This is not here--
> And now is almost over...

Hi Jeff,

I don't actually own a VS880, but I'll try my best.

Audio CDs: From what I know I can tell you that you're going to have to
mixdown to 2 tracks on your 880 before you can burn an audio CD. The
machine creates what is called an image file before the CD is burned.
This process unfortunately takes a very long time. What's more, this
image file can't be saved, i.e. you can't archive it for future CD runs.
This means that every time you want to burn this material to a CD you're
going to have to wait for the image file to be created :-(

Archive CDs: With Rolands latest software version you can now archive
your data on a CD with this kit, though this won't give you a playable
audio CD.

Since you have a CD burner in your computer already, you might also want
to check out AirWorks' VS/Link sofware which will let you beam your
VS880 data to your computer for further editing and/or burning. This, as
far as I can see, is a very nice way of running things! I have never
seen this in action though. Unfortunately, the company that makes the
software isn't doing too well financially and I don't know about the
availability, so you'll have to contact them if this interests you.
Check out their site at www.airworks.com

Hope to have been of some help -