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Re: recording question

Jeff & Vonda McLeod wrote:
> Howdy again...
>         Do any of you use a Roland VX series hard disc recorder? I was 
> in getting one, but was curious about some of the mixdown capabilities.
> Here's the question--for anyone who can answer:
> Let's say you've got 8 full tracks ready to mix down, and you've got the
> VS-880 with the CD burning kit. Are you able to mix those 8 tracks 
> to the CD--

Hey there Jeff.  I guess I'm pretty new to this list as well...My name 
is Joel, and I do have a VS-880.  Although I don't have they CD 
burning kit for it, I understand that you have to bounce your mix down 
to 2 tracks, and they have to be tracks 7&8.  This doesn't mean that 
your song can only have 6 trax though, there Are several workarounds.

Cool, I hope that helps!