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RE: Echoplex-style functionality on a mac?

OS - Can you share the cross-section of EDP and August features? In
other words, what features does August have in common with the EDP?  For
instance, does it have the equivalent of Multiply?  I'm sure it has its
own set of unique features as well.


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You'll forgive me for tooting my own horn, as it were:



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> Subject: Echoplex-style functionality on a mac?
> Right, I'm experimenting with the idea of shifting my loopage over to 
> a mac laptop, and am looking for echoplex emulation, or something 
> close. Has anyone tried running Mobius with virtual PC?
> Are the mobius people planning on a mac version? It's such an amazing 
> program, and would be ideal, but I've got an ibook...
> Please feel free to just suggest keywords for me to search the 
> archive, if I've missed this discussion recently - I'll have a browse 
> anyway.
> cheers
> Steve