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Re: SF looper seeks occasional sync buddy(s).

Yes, I've always thought our styles would work nicely
together, but you're like practically in Canada, eh?

I didn't work on any of the samples, that was my
friend Gary Hesse, who's just moved back to town so
stay tuned for more wackiness from him.  I think it
was Richard Berton from 1984 (such a good movie
adaption, IMO)

Also, I'm glad you got the humor in all of it.  His
idea was to use a lot of religious samples... but only
from sci-fi movies.  When I was mixing the tracks I
thought, "woah, are we a weird Christian ambient
band?"  I guess it worked for Cartman, so why not?

Thanks for the kind words, my friend.


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> Mark,
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> marksottilaro@sbcglobal.net writes:
> > http://www.zerocrossing.net/music.html
> > 
> I wish I didn't live so far away. I dig some of your
> new tracks up there, 
> especially "War WithOceania." Is that a Richard
> Burton clip from 1984?
> Cool!!! The other "Evangelical" and "Civil Defense
> Authority" verbal 
> components were waaaaay funny.
> Best regards,
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