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RE: "caution"

Kris, here is my fear....
                the worse thing we could do in programing, to the left of this physics conversation, is give the binary a scene of meaning within it's task. At that point, we be hard pressed to prove we are not simple programing....other than faith that we are not being duped.

PS: Keep in mind that each of us is everything. The only thing that seems to give an impression of separateness in perception is the information impressed on us since the Big Band.

Modern Physics can wack you brain.

At 12:21 PM 7/26/2005, Hartung, Kris wrote:
Don't get me started, man. It is already my understanding that they are working on prototype computers that operate on the principle of "entanglement" in quantum mechanics, whereby two sub-atomic particles split and mirror each other's behavior "instantaneously" over space and time, regardless of distance (1 foot or 1 light year). They proved this in the 90s over a distance of a few miles using splitters, state changers/measurers, and fiber optic tubing....instant communication between particles faster than the speed of light. It's part of that behavior that Fineman said no physicist truly understood. Anyway, imagine a computer that operated with binary signals based on entanglement!  We can't even think that fast. Mind boggling and not so science fiction anymore.

From: daniel stevenson [mailto:stillllscary@yahoo.com]
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Subject: "caution"

""sheesh be carefull!!! one of you is going to hook up too many computers in loops and create a rift in the fabric of time,transforming reality into a infinite musical note,spanning endless/seemless loops untill all matter fades into a vortex.lol.     scary visionary.

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