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Echoplex question

I have a question for savvy Echoplex users. (I'm considering upgrading from
my Boomerang to an EDP, but I'm not sure yet).

Is it possible to do the following with the EDP?

1. I start with a 16 bar "bass line"
2. As soon as it's over, I start looping it and playing and recording stuff
over it.
3. After recording a few additional layers, I want to go back to just the
bass line for one pass
4. Now  go back to the "built-up" version I created in step 2.

Is there a way to do that with the Echoplex?

Also, I have a TD-10 Roland V-drum module which can store lots of built-in
patterns. Would it be possible to have the EDP tell the TD-10 switch from
one pattern to the next when I move from one loop to another?

Thanks a lot.

Adrian West
One-Man String Quartet