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Re: OT: adrenalinn users help?


Using Adrenalinn II in my current principal rig. I use it just before my amp (Vox AC 30 CC1). I don't tend to use the amp models that much, being that I am rather fond of my current amp. When I do, it is usually an over driven AC 30 or a Marshall Plexi. I find that making sure to engage the complete bypass and care fully tweaking the volume and effect levels, you can remove the vast majority of the (for lack of a better term) digital-ness. There tends to be this weird artifact when I don't really pay attention the the previous and play at any volume. I am not a super programming cat. Hence, I am sure there are packet of more experienced types who will probably have more in-depth answers for you. I find as long as my power is relatively clean (remarkably everything in front of it is run with a Visual sound OneSpot).

As far as filtering options, you might want to look at the Adrenalinn III up-grade ($99.00 on Roger Linn Site). Supposedly more filtering options, the amp models sound good on the clips and there are more of them. I am not familiar with the Behringer bit if kit to which you refer. I have no real way to compare. 

Tell me if this is at all helpful. I may not get back to with blinding haste as I am neck deep in dolls and dirty nappies.

Take Care,

Todd Howell

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Subject: OT: adrenalinn users help?

just curious if anyone uses an adrenalinn in their setup?
i just got an adrenalinn II, and have tried it in my setup, and i've not been very happy w/ the sound.
i don't know, maybe i have too high expectations for it.
over all i have been unimpressed w/ the amp models compared to my digitech rp150 and zoom g2 setup.
and the effects i also think aren't that great-my filters on my behringer tweakalizer are better.
my setup:  zoom g2--digitech rp150--DAED DS1--boss dd7--tweakalizer--boss rc20--lexicon mx200--
i've had the best-so-so results at the beginning of my chain, and between the g2 & rp150.
i had the worst results after the rp150...
just curious how others used it????