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Live looping to Midi Clock solution sought!

Hi Per,

I am a pro solo singer-songwriter (box,alto sax keys, guitar) now based in Nimes, France and am busy preparing my rig/musical arrangements for various European tours later this year.

Steven Bingham suggested I contact you. I am seeking a way to work my rig so I can play the sax over my music in my shows.
Sorry to spring this one on you but it sounds like you are the real authority on this subject!

Am keen to find a way to allow me to  punch in/record a section of the complete live mix, quantised to midi clock, as I am playing it on the keyboards to then punch out of recording and then have that recorded loop playback instantaneously so I can let go of the keys
 and play my sax over what I have just looped, muting the original at the same time of course, all on the fly! I dont want to be doing this without the loop punch in/outs
 being quantised to MidiClock so I dont have to be precise with the punches all be it punching in/out before the place I wish to do so!. Somehow I also need to have the 
main mix muted automatically while the loop is playing back and then return when switching the loop off to continue through the rest of the song. Bare in mind I maybe 
also trigering arpeggiators from external synths as well as KARMA from the KRONOS and playing back complete drum backing tracks from my MacBook in ABLETON
 LIVE or Logic Audio. It is also possible for the KRONOS to sync to mid clock: at the moment I use it as the master midi clock. There are various ways of using the 
KRONOS to trigger loops and drum sequences in sync via struck keys and certainly the SoftStep can be utilised for this purpose too although it is not ideal for keyboard
 players as often one needs to "feel" a pedal switch "click" rather than having to confirm it actually has with the SoftSteps little lights which when sitting down are often 
obscured simply by the natural angle one is sitting at! Ideally the whole looping process could be automated via some key strikes on a note on/off basis!?...

There are lots of "looping" artists out there: I wouldnt describe myself as one of those! however I simply need something that will allow me to loop what I am doing
 from the 2 buss mix at any given moment to allow me to improvise as long as I wish and then return to that mix in perfect sync. One possible solution could be to have 
what I am playing stop on entry of the just recorded loop to then somehoe re-release the keyboards again for real time playing immediately the loop is stopped. Perhaps there is a note command or something in SOOPER LOOPER that I could hit
 on one of my keyboards at any given time (say an assigned note within a chord) that would cease any Korg KRONOS KARMA/external midiclocked arps etc when that 
same key note starts to trigger the loop (after having recorded it of course bars earlier) then another note that could be within the first chord of the returning live playing 
that also stops the looper playing back!...?

I imagine this isnt something that can be discussed adequately via email: as such would it be possible we could discuss this over Skype ?

My rig:

Korg KRONOS 88 keyboard
2112 MacBook Pro running Ableton Live/Logic Audio
TC-Helicon VoiceLive2 vocal fx
12 Step

External synths
Alesis Andromeda A6 analog keyboard
Oberheim Matrix 1000 analog rack synth x2
Ensoniq ESQ-M x2 analog rack synth
EMU Morpheus
Korg Wavestation SR
Korg EX-8000 analog rack synth
Waldorf Pulse+ analog rack mono synth
Waldorf  rack
Yamaha FS1r
Lexicon MPX1 fx x2
Lexicon PCM80 fx

Emagic Unitor 8 for MacBook and main rig has another Unitor 8 running in patch mode.

You can get hear some of my music here some of which I am working into my live set.

Thanks for your time


Henry Frampton

Hi Henry,

Interesting setup you have!

To be perfectly honest this is way beyond my comfort zone in terms of setup: I've never tried to sync to midi clock and I certainly don't use multiple keyboards and so on!!

With the loop setup I use (Sooperlooper within Logic 9) it would be easy enough to setup the SoftStep to control record / stop / mute and so on, but I frankly have no idea about the routing you're asking about, and if you're running Ableton Live I haven't been able to get Sooperlooper to run convincingly with it (though Jason has I think).

I'm pretty certain that SL will sync to midi clock if needed, but I've not tried it.

My best suggestion would be to post the details of the setup to the Loopers Delight forum, where there are basically several guys who are able to pretty well answer any looping question ever invented (two whom I've worked with - Andy Butler and Per Boysen - are an encyclopedia of looping between them, and seem to answer posts within hours!).

give that a go as I'm sure it will turn up the best suggestions……


On 22 Jan 2013, at 10:08, Henry Frampton <henryframptonmusic@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi Steve,

Henry Frampton here ! finally moved to Nimes!

Jason suggested I contact you about this! Really need to work out my rig so I can play the sax over my music in my shows.

Am busy sorting out a way to allow me to quantise punch in record a section of the complete live mix as I am playing it on the keyboards to then punch out of recording and then have that recorded loop playback instantaneously so I can let go of the keys and play my sax over what I have just looped, all on the fly!... also I dont want to be doing this without the loop punch in/outs being quantised to MidiClock so I dont have to be precise with the punches all be it punching in before the place I wish to!. Somehow I also need to have the main mix muted automatically while the loop is playing back and then return when switching the loop off to continue through the rest of the song. Bare in mind I maybe also trigering arpeggiators from external synths as well as KARMA from the KRONOS and playing back complete drum backing tracks from my MacBook in ABLETON LIVE.

Would be best to have a chat with you over skype or I can call you for free on your landline from France.

Sorry to spring this one on you but it sounds like you might be just the right man to consult on this issue according to Jason!

My rig:

Korg KRONOS 88 keyboard
2112 MacBook Pro running Ableton Live
TC-Helicon VoiceLive2 vocal fx
12 Step

External synths

Alesis Andromeda A6 analog keyboard
Oberheim Matrix 1000 analog rack synth x2
Ensoniq ESQ-M x2 analog rack synth
EMU Morpheus
Korg Wavestation SR
Korg EX-8000 analog rack synth
Waldorf Pulse+ analog rack mono synth
Waldorf  rack
Yamaha FS1r
Lexicon MPX1 fx x2
Lexicon PCM80

Emagic Unitor 8 for MacBook and main rig has another Unitor 8 running in patch mode.

Hope to speak soon



Henry Frampton

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>When I saw your post I checked Ableton's web site but Ableton 9 is
>still not yet released, so I guess you mean Live 8? I was talking
>about coming features of Live 9.
>Greetings from Sweden
>Per Boysen