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OT: Gig with Damo

Hi guys...

Just boasting really, but I had a fab time last Thursday when I was one of the band to play with Damo Suzuki in Oslo. It went so well, considering none of us had ever played together, we just kinda gelled! And 1 hour 40 mins (I kid you not) just zipped by!!!

We were slightly bummed cos I got my film dudes to shoot it, but unfortunately teh desk recording got fucked up, so the audio here id just from a camera mike, but that too seems to go a bit weird after a bit. Anyway, its just the first 13 mins, so there may be better later.. gonna take a while to go thru. This bit is quite retrained, and we got pretty wild later on.. Twas a big band too, with 2 drummers (including Ted Parsons, from Prong, Killing Joke, Pil, Swans) and a couple of members of Radio9, one of the best motorik rock bands from the UK, who moved to Oslo a few years back.


Psst.. no looping in this clip, but sneaked some in later...

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe