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Re: Live looping to Midi Clock solution sought!

Am 14.02.2013 23:51, schrieb info@riversonicstudios.com:
Hi Rainer,

Thanks very much for your post!

I have a K5000r too !... just cant take on any more clobber on the road!
By the way have you ever had the screen on your 5000r disappear to then have to switch the unit on and off to have it reappear?!

Back to the case in point!...

Mhmmm, still don't think I completely understand how your work this. Are you using any sequencers in your setup, either in Live or in the Kronos? Perhaps there's a video of you performing one of your tracks where one can get an idea how you work this? Or you could do a demo/Q&A via ustream?


ps: only had the K5000R for two weeks or so and had barely time to scratch the surface (64 6-step envelopes per source...phew). Fortunately, I didn't have the display problem so far...