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EDP sending midi clock on question.. What speed?

I have another question... why do I think about these things when I dont have the machine nearby.. (Ive been rehearsing in my office downtown, no complaints from wives or children, only hookers and drug dealers can hear me... and they are considering other occupations now...)

My upcoming concert is with a laptop guy and we´ve only had a few rehearsals, largely spent tweaking sounds and choosing drum loops...
Anyhow, I discovered that he runs Abelton Live REALLY slowly... so what I would call 120bpm, he has set to 60.. Idiot!

The upshot of this is that when I hit REC REC on EDP to record a loop, the quantise period before it closes the loop, is really long.. like 2 bars... totally the opposite of how I usually play (1 loop per 1/4note is often).

Now I dont mind if ONE EDP is like that, kinda the master... but... is there a way that the second one can be running 8 times faster say?
Setting the 8th note setting surely affects downstream midi items (I use this all the time to change the speed of sequencers that are running too fast or too slow.. But If I have EDP1 midi out into EDP2 midi in... is the EDP 2 tempo affected in the same way? Like If EDP was set to 8th note 16?

I should know this, its just a different set-up to how I am used, and I need to re-think how I shall loop...

quite refreshin actually...
Like a glass of loop milk!


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe