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Re: EDP sending midi clock on question.. What speed?

mark francombe wrote:

Now I dont mind if ONE EDP is like that, kinda the master... but... is there a way that the second one can be running 8 times faster say?

Can't think of an ideal solution,
1) change the 8thQuant value *after* recording the loop on EDP2
Then 8thQuantSUSMult can cut the loop down to size and it may still sync( might have to lower 8thQuant again) ....hmm, not sure that works

2) Sometimes the EDP can sync if the loop time is tapped in manually
and is accurate enough.
Hmm...just thinking out loud really, don't know if they'll work ,
and I don't fancy 2) in a gig context.
The EDP when it's syncing will check every loop for a close
match to incoming sync, even if looptimes are actually unrelated.

How about BeatSync?

Feed audio into the BeatSync socket, and watch the front panel
to see the edp triggering on the beats as you adjust the volume you send 
to it.