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Re: Echoplex sudden total noise!

Its a known and obscure bug.
First, noise: It happens sometimes when Memory is totally empty. But
rarely. Solution... just record some really long loops and overdubs.
Then reset.
Second recalling old stuff: Make sure you Do a HARD reset, not just reset.
Thats NOT long press of REC, that just resets current loop. Do a long
press of Multipy..that resets ALL loops.

If the noise thing happens still, then its something else. Usual fix
mentioned is re-seating the RAM. That is, take out the RAM and put it
back. Its easy.

Hope this helps!


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On 26 Feb 2013, at 17:01, Gio Gio <bluer.stuff@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> has anyone experienced something like this before?
> I have had quite a few glitches since I bought this thing and I'm not 
> sure if I would venture using it live.
> My echoplex (original model from 94 - updated to Loop IV) sometimes 
> fucks up and generates this intense wall of noise kinda thing.. I 
> noticed it does it sometimes when working with more loops and jumping 
> from let's say loop 1 to loop 3.
> Other times it recalls sounds from the previous session, as in loops 
> recorded BEFORE resetting it... pretty random..
> Just wandering if anyone has had similar problems ever..
> thanks !
> g.