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Some questions for you 'groove based loopers'

Dear Loopers!

Hi, My name is Clement Rooney and I'm studying the Live Electronics MA at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I'm building my own (EDM influenced) looping setup using Ableton and M4L and I'm basing the written part of my degree on this experience. 

What I call 'groove based live looping' is the realtime manipulation of one-shot samples in a meter but please let me know if you think there is a more suitable name for this.

I suppose these questions are aimed at software based looping artists who most likely, use beats and have a background in EDM. But please, if you feel you have something to contribute, let it be known!

Not all of the nine questions may be relevant to you, so feel free to leave those questions unanswered. I should also add here, that I will not publish anything without your express permission. As it stands, this is an academic dissertation. 

Please reply on this thread or to me directly at c.s.rooney@gmail.com

All the best,


-Using production techniques on stage is still a relatively new craft, how do you deal with controlling levels and panning etc.? 

-What other production challenges do you commonly face?

-If Improvisation is a part of your sound, what are the challenges when improvising on an instrument of so many possibilities? Do you set yourself limitations to help create a coherent sound?

-What sort of preparation goes into a set?

-Do you try to create climaxes at certain points in a set? If so, how?

-When you are performing, how do you read and interact with the crowd’s response to what you’re doing? Are there any specific musical characteristics that people respond especially well to? 

-Whilst performing, what sort of things do you consider when you are moving to new material?

-Were there certain genres or artists that inspired the making of your instrument?

-What advice could you give to someone just starting out in groove based live looping?