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Re: Andre's EDP Undo trick

Kim Flint wrote:
> At 01:32 AM 6/9/98 -0700, Andre LaFosse wrote:
> >Just kidding.
> damn! :-)

You shan't lose me that easily...  <sarcasm> (Besides, Kim, you never
seem to make it clear how to actually get off this list!)  </sarcasm>

> So what undo should do for you here is stay on the chopped out section of
> loop, and not jump back past it. It looks like you've discovered a
> combination of actions that screws up Undo, so that it loses track of 
> the last multiply happened. So rather than refusing to let you Undo 
> it just goes ahead and lets you. It keeps this loop at the same number of
> cycles, of the same cycle length. So you jump back to some unpredictable
> spot, but with the loop length and cycle structure maintained. The audio
> that happens to be there is left over from some previous loop operations,
> and that's what you hear.

Wow.  It's a really beautiful effect, actually.  I quite like it (as did
the other user who stumbled onto it with me).  Very unpredictable, yet
highly musical.

> So, I'm happy that for once you found an obscure bug that you like, 
> than calling in the army! :-) 

Little did you know that an entire legion of self-styled neurotic
misinformed alarmists was lurking behind yonder hill, armed with a whole
lexicon of mis-spellings for the word "unsubscribe"...

> So I guess the question
> is, do you want us to fix it or not?

Well, if I understand things correctly (hey, there's a first time for
everything...), then fixing this "bug" would basically mean that
pressing Undo wouldn't do anything after re-multiplying a loop back down
to a smaller number of cycles.

The way I see it is, if I don't want anything to happen, I can just NOT
PRESS UNDO!  Whereas the present ideosyncrasy (it seems wrong to call it
a bug, somehow) is really a very intriguing (mis)application of the
EDP's unique memory allocation and editing layout, with a lot of musical

So I'd say, hell no, don't "fix" it!  I really like the effect.  I'd of
course be interested in seeing what anyone else thinks of it, but my
vote goes towards letting the freak flag fly (so to speak).  But I can't
imagine why it would be a bother to anyone.