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Re: Lexicon MPX 100

Further MPX 100 investigations lead me to believe that it is not a great
choice for loopage.  True, one can attain a 5.7 second mono delay time--but
there is no control over feedback; the given preset for long delay uses a
very small amount of feedback.  Using a mixer of course (I work with a
Mackie 1202VLZ), one can get around this and get some very decent looping,
but that is not an ideal solution as a loop package.  Also, there is a
"Special FX" setting called "Infinite Repeat" which does give internal
control over feedback (up to, obviously, infinite repeat or "hold"), but
its max delay cycle seems to be half the max--about 2.5 seconds.

So, no reason to ditch your JamMen or EDPs; but it's a really nice
processor, certainly the coolest thing around for $220!  Lotsa nice pitch
shifting weirdness available, particularly when I had the Mackie hooked up
to pump the regeneration....

David Myers