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The Loop Of The Week #114: Jeanette Nolan (1912-1998)

Hi Fellow Loopers!

This LOTW is dedicated to Jeanette Nolan (1912-1998), a 70-year star
of film, theater, radio, and television, who passed June 5. Her first
film role was Lady Macbeth in the Orson Welles "Macbeth" (1948), and
Jeannette co-starred in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), and
True Confessions (1981), amongst others. Her approach to the business
with her husband, John McIntire, was unique, in that they showed
themselves capable of more than just film work, and their relationship
stands as a good example as well.

So drop in and download - and let me know whatcha think!

Stephen Goodman  * It's... The Loop Of The Week (this week, Jeanette
EarthLight Studios  * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios