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RE: Folk/Celtic Looping

        I've actually just finished the album - the new website update 
will be up in about a week.  It will include a page dedicated to the Folk 
Album.  As far as "the Three Ravens" goes: I do a version of that song on 
the album with looped instruments (tamboura, guitars, flutes) and a whole 
ethnic kinda flavour.  The songs on the album range from traditional 
celtic arrangements to relatively wierd stuff and even rock-type and 
orchestral stuff.  I can E-mail you the lyrics, if you like.  I do use 
loops on a number of pieces, but nothing too radical.  I tried putting 
some heavier textures and loops in, but they just didn't seem to fit as 
well as the simpler stuff.  I think it's just a phase I've been in for the 
last couple of months.  Lately, I'm feeling a little more minimal that 
most (guitar) loopers I know.
        I used to listen to a lot of Steel Eye Span, as well as Fairport 
Convention.  When the new audio clips are up at my website, you should 
revisit them: the complete versions feature some fantastic fiddle playing 
by Canadian Jamie Snider.  I played guitars, basses, mandolins, as well as 
various wind and string instruments, plus a lot of percussion.  
Surprisingly, I'm very pleased with how the mastered versions of the songs 


                        Jon Grant
                        Tian Music

From:   Michael P. Hughes, Ph.D.[SMTP:pycraft@elec.gla.ac.uk]
Sent:   Friday, June 12, 1998 3:14 PM
To:     Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
Subject:        Re: Folk/Celtic Looping

Jon Grant, a few days ago:
> recall hearing a few things on this subject occasionally from some of 
>brothers in the U.K.  I'm interested because I've just finished an album
of traditional >Scottish/Irish/English music that includes some looping, as
well as traditional Folk >instruments, etc. 

I've just listened to your samples on your website - they sound great, but
do any of them feature looping?  I can't detect any, but I'm also listening
on a lousy lab setup.  Excellent music - do you listen to Steeleye Span at
all btw?


PS Your album is entitled "three ravens" - this is one of my favourite
Renaissance English pieces!  Do you have the complete lyrics?  My recording
is a bit unclear in places. 

"There were three ravens sat on a tree,
down, a-down say down......" 

 Dr. Michael P. Hughes, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK G12 8QQ 
     Mr. Griff raised his stunted barber's pole. "And where do 
         you think you are going with your old black bag?"
       Grandpa said: "I am going to Llangadock to be buried"
       "But you aren't dead yet, Dai Thomas"  -Dylan Thomas
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