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Re: Re[4]: Blindfold Tapes (Onofakind)

Remixing is much more time-consuming for me since it's it's not done
real-time like an improvisation.  It takes me 30 minutes to record a 30
minute improv.  It usually takes a couple days of listening, sketching,
assembling and editing to do a remix (for me, that is).  I know some people
who have the gear and skills to remix in real time (I.S.P. for example),
but unfortunately I don't have either.  But I hope my methods have their
own charms as well....

ed  chang

ps - I use PDS8000 and DFX94 extensively for remixing purposes (L.C)>.

Mike.Biffle@wj.com (Mike Biffle) on 06/19/98 11:27:12 AM

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To:   Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com, Edward Chang/AMS/AMSINC
Subject:  Re[4]: Blindfold Tapes (Onofakind)

     Hi Ed... My view on remixing is that for a person who DJ's or does
     some other form of recycling found sound and other sources, this is
     their one-off piece of art as well. Should be a snap, just like it's a
     snap for you to do a free-improv. If it's a hassle for you, don't do


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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Blindfold Tapes (Onofakind)
Author:  Edward_Chang@mail.amsinc.com at INTERNET
Date:    6/19/98 10:10 AM

Hi Mike
I'm not sure here what you mean exactly.  Are you asking about a remix
collaboration?  That would be cool, but I'm involved with a pretty hefty
remix project right now, which has been taking me awhile to wrap up.  But
in a couple months I should be more open to remixing other peoples stuff.
The Blindfold tapes will be much easier, since I plan to set up my gear and
just improvise as many 30 minute pieces as I can in a couple days.  If you
want one of those, I can send you one for
a)$5 or
b)a tape of your stuff, or
c)if you promise to remix the tape I send you and send that back to me.
Thanks for your interest.


Mike.Biffle@wj.com (Mike Biffle) on 06/18/98 05:52:29 PM

Please respond to Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com

To:   Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com, "COLLINSCLAN"
cc:    (bcc: Edward Chang/AMS/AMSINC)
Subject:  Re[2]: Blindfold Tapes (Onofakind)

     OK, I'll bite too... I've got a Walkman Pro and know how to use it!
     I'd love to send off a unique and disposable treasure... 8->

     The mentions of remixing have me wondering about the potential for
     collaboration towards future submission material. (Pity I don't have a

     Email me with your request and ideas...

     all the best,

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Subject: Re: Blindfold Tapes (Onofakind)
Author:  "COLLINSCLAN" <collinsclan@sprintmail.com> at INTERNET
Date:    6/18/98 5:35 PM

Hey everybody...I'm up for that too but i only use prepared guitar, and a
little tape stuff. Anyone up for a little remixing?
Jeff Collins

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From: Edward_Chang@mail.amsinc.com <Edward_Chang@mail.amsinc.com>
To: phiba-improv@wnur.nwu.edu <phiba-improv@wnur.nwu.edu>;
Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Date: Thursday, June 18, 1998 5:01 PM
Subject: Blindfold Tapes (Onofakind)

>I've gotten some private emails about tape swapping instead of $.  I
>have thought of that!  Yeah, that's totally cool - send me your addresses
>and I'll start recording early next week.
>Robert S also had a great idea of remixing whatever tape I sent to him and
>sending That back to me .  That works, too, in fact, even better on a
>conceptual level for me.