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Re: Analog filters anyone?

>     Semi-non-looping content ahead!
>     I've been looking into analog filters to modulate various 
>     recirculating thangs in my setup. 
>     I started with more guitar-based products such as the EH Q-Tron 
>     Lovetone Meatball, but am now starting to wander into higher end 
>     keyboard accesories...
>     Waldorf 4-pole and it's bretheren
>     Mutronics Mutator
>     Sherman Filterbank
>     I've only been able to locate information on the Waldorf 
>     Any clues as to who's selling and possibly stocking these other 
>     products?
>     Lastly, does anyone have experience with any of these products and 
>     they function, sound, their capabilities and their user 
>     Best,
>     -Miko

  dont know about mutronics or sherman but waldorf filters rock. My 
mate's got a pulse+ - a synth where the sounds are shaped by the filters 
and nothing else. You can put an external audio input thru them, like a 
guitar/drum/anything loop. The filters are very clean and sharp, great 
for sweeping sub-basses and peircing leads that cut thru a mix. The 
thing about high-end gear like this is that you get a cleaner sound. On 
the other hand these clean filters often benefit from being to be passed 
thru a distortion box to dirty them up a bit - depends what you're into. 
  anyway if you want to buy something like this, I'd recommend waldorf 
but i've not checked out the other two so... 

  so what's the lovetone meatball like then ? I've heard of them but 
never seen one, how much are they ? Are they any good ?


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