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Re: If you want to pick on Peavey, you'll have to get through me first...

At 10:17 AM 6/19/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Crossedout@aol.com wrote:
>> Although I hate to jump to Peavey's defense, I have to admit, that as an
>> inveterate gear-head and survivor of many a jerry-rigged, ghetto-style
>> equipment setup, I have always been able to count on Peavey equipment 
>> durability, if not amazing sound quality.
>Why does everybody trash on Peavey so damn much?  I have always thought of
them as
>sort of like Fender, except with quality control...  (ouch!)
>Really though, what gives?

The Peavey of 1998 is quite a bit different than the Peavey of say 1982,
when I bought one of their amps to go along with my first electric guitar.
Most of the negative impression comes from those days, when they were the
bottom-of-the-barrel guitar amp king. Anybody around in those days could 
help but have some kind of humorously negative thing to say about them.
These days, they seem to be making much better stuff. They also seem to be
making an impossibly wide variety of stuff.

I still have that amp (the decade model), and still use it on my workbench
for monitoring electronic audio experiments. For guitar though, it sounds
breathtakingly awful. the only way to make it tolerable is to turn all the
eq knobs down to 0, which makes it kind of flat. any other setting gives 
variations on bad. Amps like that are the reason why "Peavey" is the name
that still gets all the jokes.

Kim Flint, MTS                     kflint@chromatic.com
Chromatic Research                 408-752-9284