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record company riskings something, my ass

>      In their defense, labels are taking a huge risk when they sign a
>      band. The vast majority of albums don't sell well.

Exactly what is it record companies are risking?  What expenses are 

Maybe I just have an undue sense of entitlement, or maybe it that I have a 
day job that is as (dare I say it?) artistically fulfilling (almost, 
anyway) as the rock, but the way
that I see it, record companies are playing craps when they sign a band.  
If they sign the right bands, they should make money.  If not, fuck 'em.

More than a few of my bandmates have been somewhat 
shocked/dismayed/frightened at my attitude towards the biz, but the world 
would be a better place if most of humanity wasn't
so willing to prostrate its self in front of it.