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Time Machine manual/tap tempo capability

>I just sent off for a time machine through an on-line contact and was
>curious if anyone out there could give me more info on what to expect w/
>it...Does this unit have a tap-tempo feature? How do you folks pull off 
>loops and delay's with it? You can e~mail me in private or post to the 
>if you want. ALSO, I'm needing a manual for this, does anyone have a xerox
>they could send.

The 7.6 second Time Machine doesn't have tap tempo, but can derive loop 
length from a control voltage jack in the back.  For looping purposes, 
it's just a long digital delay with a sample/hold feature.  

Digitech charges $5 for reprints of the manual.  They're supposed to be 
posting them all online real soon now, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  I 
received one from them a while ago.  Anyone who wants a xerox copy of the 
manual can contact me privately with their snail-mail address.

Travis Hartnett