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Re: Major Label Deals, the downside (no looping content)

Hey, another article for those interested (if you can find it*) is in an 
of the punk zine MaximumRocknRoll - it's an issue basically devoted to the
record BUSINESS, the cover showing a close up of someone with a gun in 
mouth and the tag line "Some of your freinds are already this fucked". 

They break down not only similar stats to the article this message is in 
to (how's THAT for garbled syntax?), it also includes articles about the
incestuous nature of distributor ship, the increasing fact that fewer and
fewer companies actually own all the larger labels, and an amazing piece of
accounting from Steve Albini about how a baby band that sells 750,000 
for a label still ends up making less in a year than the stock boy at the
local A&P. 

Chilling shit, isn't it? 

- Bill 
*if anybody is interested in a copy via e-mail of the articles, once I find
them (I'm packing up and moving tomorrow, across country) I'll be happy to
scan and forward them.