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Feedback Music/Video NYC 26 July

Apologies for the spam.  My last (as yet) scheduled performance this year
should be pretty interesting.  Two hours of Feedback Music and
sound-responsive video projection (I hope--not my computer!) at the cool
SYNTH show, White Columns Gallery, Horatio at West 4th Street NYC.  Time is
8 PM, environment is plastic and inflatable!  Comfy couches!  Sontext will
be doing 6-8 PM.  Freeeee!!

David Lee Myers
"Ourobouros" CD of new Feedback Music available now on Pulsewidth!
In NYC at Downtown Music, Kim's Mondo, Kim's West, and Other Music, and
through Forced Exposure, Anomalous, Wayside, CDeMusic/Electronic Music
Foundation, Deep Listening Catalog, Crouton Music, Recommended (UK),
Staalplaat (Netherlands), and Metamkine (France).