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Loopers T-shirts


I have t-shirt connections via my wife, who is a graphic designer.
I have spoken to her about this volunteer effort, and she seems
willing (but her schedule is busy so turn around time will be tempered).

After the shirts are made, I can coordinate distribution/mailing to list
and pass the proceeds to Kim.  I have done a similar distribution effort

for another list I was on a few years ago (a video tape project).

I guess to start, we would need to agree on some basic design ideas
and text.   Got to give her something to work with, unless you want to
the entire thing over to her.

Some things to consider:

   Pocket Logo Shirt?
   Full Size Design?
   Front & Back?
   How Many Colors?


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Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> if ever we needed a tea-shirt it is now.....not only to identify
> ourselves,
> but to aid kim in continuing to run LD (mother of us all).....someone
> out
> there should be able to do this for GOD'S SAKE.....i, personally am an
> idiot!.....yet when the NYC LOOPFEST happens, i will be there.....in
> fact,
> any midwest folk drivin thru to NYC feel free to call pittsburgh your
> home
> for a spell, got lots-o-floor.....:)m