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Re: Loopers T-shirts

  Well, IŽd say Full Size Design,in front,either black or white t-shirts...


>   Pocket Logo Shirt?
>   Full Size Design?
>   Front & Back?
>   How Many Colors?
>(Now Playing: Jon Durant - Anatomy of a Wish)
>Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
>> if ever we needed a tea-shirt it is now.....not only to identify
>> ourselves,
>> but to aid kim in continuing to run LD (mother of us all).....someone
>> out
>> there should be able to do this for GOD'S SAKE.....i, personally am an
>> idiot!.....yet when the NYC LOOPFEST happens, i will be there.....in
>> fact,
>> any midwest folk drivin thru to NYC feel free to call pittsburgh your
>> home
>> for a spell, got lots-o-floor.....:)m