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looping up the wall...

I'm at my wits end, and have just wasted another evening hitting up against
the same sync problems of my echoplex, over and over again.

My echoplex 'jumps' synch after all but a few simple commands. That is to
say, it starts thinking that the start of the bar is somewhere other than
where it originally though it is. The cure is a hard reboot - otherwise,
when it stops to 'recapture' synch, it misses the starting point in the 
spot that it lost it to.

At first I though it was only when I was doing 'next loops', since that was
what I was trying to master at the time. However, the unit exhibits this
problem when sticking within one loop, performing some simple over dubbing.

I've tried 3 different clock sources - my computer, the repeater and my 
hardware sequencer.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is anyone else slaving to midi synch
exclusively? Could I be dealing with broken hardware, all along? I've spent
several years trying to master this box, but it just won't behave the way
it's supposed to.


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