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Re: mac G5 -- what's the word?

On Friday, August 1, 2003, at 10:19  AM, Catilyne wrote:
> That doesn't mean I don't have a kickass laptop, or that I'm 
> dissatisfied with my TiBook.  It suits my needs nicely, and probably 
> will for a while yet, knock on wood.  Or at least it should until 
> NewerTech can put together a G5 upgrade.  ;)

I agree, I kept a 7500 going a long, long time this way.  However, 
don't be too sad if NewerTech doesn't do a G5 upgrade that rocks your 
world.  One of the biggest things about the G5 is a much faster system 
buss speed, which a processor won't get you.  By the time you put in a 
new mother board and processor, you might as well get a machine.

Also, one the the nicer things about the G4s is that now they come 
equipped with a really useful vanity mirror on the front.  Useful in 
detecting stray bits of pesto or spinich caught in your teeth after 
lunch.  Let's see you do that on a Dell!

Mark Sottilaro