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Re: Ebay (Was Re: Selecting vendors)

>Ok, so the LOCAL DEALER says they won't touch your device. Big deal.

Maybe this will clear things up. The president of Yamaha USA 
apparently said, while on the phone with my dealer (who isn't exactly 
local...rather, one of the sales reps from a big US supplier of 
gear): "God help him if he ever needs service."

>In my
>experience, local dealers only broker repairs back to the vendor, and 
>most of
>them will accept the repairs directly. So you'll get a much faster 
>repair if you
>send it directly to the mfg's repair center instead of taking it to the 

I was told Yamaha wouldn't even touch the unit. Maybe that wasn't 
true. I was certainly shocked to hear the news. But that's what made 
me cancel the order.

>Could that lesson have potentially been "Don't listen to the 
>self-serving local

I'm not sure who to believe. Probably both Yamaha and the dealer 
wanted to scare the shit out of me by conjuring up a kind of 
worst-case nightmare scenario--and they succeeded. On the other hand, 
if they are telling me the truth about support, future repairs, and 
so on, I'm almost certainly better off waiting now. If I was buying 
some other piece of gear, I really wouldn't care. But for a synth 
like this one, I'll *surely* need support. I'll be in way over my 
head to begin with. I'm just a dumb guitar player. ;)